Wine Bottle Stoppers

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✮ Highly durable ECO-friendly and FDA approved Czech Crystal Glass
✮ Suitable for most bottles & all still liquids (2 sizes:17.5mm 18.5mm in diameter)
✮ Super easy to use; no special tool needed; just push & pull system
✮ No oxidation & 100% Leak-proof system
✮ No impact on taste
✮ Easy to store bottle upright & on its side
✮ Reusable & Versatile Design

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✮ FOR A DELICIOUS GLASS OF WINE, EVERY SINGLE TIME: Who said that the wine will not taste good the following day? With this set of wine bottle stoppers, you can definitely preserve the taste of your open wine bottle till the next drinking time. These excellent wine stoppers ensure 100% airtight hermetic seal, shielding your favorite drink against oxidation and deterioration. The last sip will taste as good as the first one!
✮ THE ORIGINAL CLASSY CZECH CRYSTAL: Made in European Union, and specifically in a Czech crystal factory with more than 700 years of long history in glass making, rest assured that the quality and the design of this glass stopper set will never fall short of your expectations. Coming in two different colors, clear and black, these elegant wine stoppers is a beautiful addition to any barware equipment!
✮ SUPREME QUALITY FOR SUPERIOR TASTE: Made of 100% pure Czech crystal, these FDA Approved wine stoppers will not have any impact on the taste of your favorite drink. Make sure that your wine will remain as fresh and tasty as the moment you removed its cork; no more weird tasting, stale wine!
✮ GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE – TRUST A 5-STAR PRODUCT: Being so sure about the great quality and performance of this amazing wine preserver stopper set, VINUM MEUM offers you a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee & their best replacement policy, in the improbable case these air corks will stop sealing your bottles. With nothing to worry about, order for you or your wine enthusiast friends today!
✮ VERSATILE SPILL PROOF FLAT TOPS: These multi-purpose flat tops work wonders with any still liquid; perfect also for whiskey, liquors, milk, water, juice, olive oil, vinegar and other still liquids and beverages. Note also that these tops ensure 100% airtight vacuum seal, without adding extra height to the bottles so you can easily store them upright or on the side in your fridge while you can take them with you on picnics, travels, camping and more, without worrying about spills and leaks!

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Dimensions 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 in

Item Weight: 0.6 ounces

Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces


Vinum Meum

Package Content

✮ 4 air corks
✮ 2 sizes – 17.5mm & 18.5mm in diameter
✮ 2 colours – clear & black
✮ Instructions for use

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✮Upgrade Your Drinking Experience With The Wine Bottle Stoppers by VINUM MEUM: The Best Air Corks You Have Ever Tried!

Do you hate how stale and dull your wine tastes if it's left open for just one day?

Meet The Ultimate Wine Stopper Kit – Preserve The Unique Taste & Aromas Of Your Wine, For A Delicious Drink Every Single Time!

Designed to cover the needs of any wine lover, these wine preservers are made of 100% Czech Crystal that is widely known for its excellent quality.

This set of 4 wine savers comes in two elegant colours; clear and black to add a touch of elegance to your bottles!

✮Not All Decorative Wine Stoppers Are Created Equal- Make Sure You Choose The Best!

The patented sealing technology of this set keeps the bouquet inside and any oxidation outside the bottle.

Whether you are holding a wine tasting party and have a few bottles that should be stored, or you're a wine newbie who enjoys one glass at a time, this is definitely your BEST choice.

Coming in an elegant gift box, this wine stopper set is a wonderful gift idea for any wine aficionado!

✮Now you can stop oxidation and store your alcohol as an experienced connoisseur.

✮Backed Up By A Lifetime Guarantee, Order Yours Today!