Our Story

Or better “my and Vinum Meum story”IMG_1296_pp-min

A wine lover who enjoys one glass at a time (believe or not :-)) now at home with her two kids founded Vinum Meum in 2015.  Armed with a vast experience of wine tasting, design skills and a powerful entrepreneurial spirit, she sets out for what can be only described as a rollercoaster adventure.

Quickly developing into a strong company, in the early days you could find Hannah elbow deep in sawdust in her house witnessing her first hit literally sprout before her eyes.

With extensive background in value creation and leading strategies, Vinum Meum aims fantastic top line expansion and development of quality products for the wine industry.

Vinum Meum now crafts incredible wine bottle stoppers that make the life with wine easier for both sides. Vinum Meum is a brand powered by a small family company specialising in making tasting, sipping and winestorming easier.

The mission of Vinum Meum is to bring joy into the lives of its customers, being a dedicated wine accessories brand, offering a differentiated shopping experience through its family of innovations.

From the very beginning, Vinum Meum’s roots have been firmly planted in the same core values that have been so critical to the company’s quick ascension. An entrepreneurial spirit that innovates fun every day!IMG_1297_pp-min


And what does “Vinum Meum” exactly means?

Vinum Meum comes from Latin – a classical language. It means “my wine”.

Can you imagine that you have leftover wine, your favourite one, stored in your refrigerator and sealed with one of these crystal stoppers? Nobody is going to drink it because there is written: “Step away! This is MY WINE!” 🙂