Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What are these stoppers made from?
A1 These stoppers are made from pure Bohemian Crystal Glass. This closure and its ring make the seal 100% airtight.

Q2 Is it possible to lay the bottle on its side?
A2 Yes. If you use right size of the stopper you can lay the bottle on its side.

Q3 What to do if I am not able to push the stopper into the bottleneck?
A3 There are several bottleneck sizes. We produce our stoppers in two the most used sizes to ensure that they fit most of the bottles. If you are not able to push the stopper into the bottleneck, please, try the second size from your packaging.

Q4 How do I know that the stopper fits well in the bottleneck?
A4 Your stopper should not move when placed properly in the bottleneck. If it is not so just try the second size of the stoppers.

Q5 Do the stoppers come in one or multiple colors?
A5 There are 4 pcs in the packaging. Two of them are black and two of them are clear.

Q6 Are these stoppers dishwasher safe?
A6 No. These wine stoppers are not dishwasher safe. There is special sealing ring that can be damaged in a dishwasher.

Q7 Will they prevent leaking if the bottle is laid on its side?
A7 Absolutely. These stoppers are 100% leak proof if used properly. There are two sizes within the packaging (17.5mm and 18.5mm in diameter) to be sure they fit almost all bottles.

Q8 Do the stoppers work on champagne and sparkling wine bottles?
A8 No. These bottle stoppers are not suitable for any sparkling liquids. But one can safely use them for wine, water, oil, milk, vinegar etc.

Q9 Is the color of the product packaging in the picture faithful to reality?
A9 Yes, we can confirm that the pictures show accurate color of the product packaging. We would say that it is fresh lime/apple green.

Q10 Are the seals replaceable? Or should the original ones last forever?
A10 The sealing ring is made from high quality FDA approved material that should last for a long time.

Q11 Why do not you have an online shop (e.g. Shopify)?
A11 Weˈre sorry for any inconvenience regarding shopping experience. Weˈre hardly working on this and hope to implement online shop in a near future.