VINUM MEUM is dedicated to creating the world’s best WINE BOTTLE STOPPERS to help people experience the high quality vintage anytime!

Luxury Set of Wine Bottle Stoppers by VINUM MEUM is Unique Wine Jewelry designed with passion to stop oxidation of your favourite wine.

These premium glass closures are made from Pure Bohemian Crystal and represent simple way to keep longer bouquet and freshness of your wine.



The Wine Mistress

“As I certified Sommelier I am exposed to many different types of wine accessories. Bottle stopper are a necessity in my field. I have had mediocre experiences with bottle stoppers. I was skeptical upon receiving the product. I did not expect much. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. This product is amazing. The design is very swank. Contemporary and elegant. You receive 2 different types of glass stoppers in order to accommodate the various glass bottle openings. The luxe glass Bottle Stoppers are leak proof. You can shake the bottle upside down for days and nothing will leak. Vinum Meum does not affect the taste or the aroma of the wine., unlike some plastic counterparts. It preserves the wine for the required about of time for both red and white. I am a super fan. If you have a wine LOVER, a person who owns a wine fridge/cellar, or just someone who drinks ALOT of red, then this is a great gift options. They are great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season. I will purchase a few for my friends. Good Job!!”


Wine Diva Lifestyle

“I don’t often have leftover wine but when I do I use Vinum Meum Glass Stoppers. They come in two sizes that fit most bottles and are easy to use. Two nice features are that you can lay down the bottle and that the stopper does not add height so you can also use in fridge door. The card enclosed in my order says that “When you shop with Vinum Meum you are not helping a CEO purchase a yacht and a brand new car”. I love to help a small company get out there when they have a good product.”



“When you are a wine enthusiast, proper storage of wine is very important. I remember when I bought my first wine coolers and wine stoppers. I remember being excited to store my wine in the fridge, only to find some of it had spilt overnight because the cork was not secure enough.It was a plastic cork. I kept asked some of my friends if they had the same struggle. They said not when the bottle is left in an upright position. I thought that was very unusual and gave up buying corks altogether. I was forced to think of space and put my wine in a cooling box Which was fine during winter but during the summer impossible. Then I got wind of Vinum Meum. My perspective of wine stoppers changed. These wine stoppers are made from Czech bohemian crystal and work like a charm. You can even store your bottle upside down and it won’t leak. It’s only recommended for still wines. If you are a lover of bubbly this won’t work for you… For all you wine enthusiasts or if you are looking to get a gift for Christmas this year or any occasion for that matter. Why not treat yourself to this as well?”


The Drunken Cyclist

“Once these stoppers arrived, I started using them and honestly, I haven’t stopped (a little pun there, in case you missed it). They are easy and even “fun” to use and more importantly, they only increase the height of the bottle 1/4 of an inch. This means that it can fit fairly easily into the door of my refrigerator (a huge plus) without having to move many of the Asian sauces and concoctions that my wife likes to store there even though she only uses them twice a decade. Initially, even though I liked them, I was not going to endorse them since they did not fit every bottle but then I did something rather crazy: I read the enclosed instructions which informed me that there were two different sizes (in my defense, they are bottle stoppers and I thought the name itself was sufficient to instruct one how to use the product). Once I figured that out, I started to use these little suckers all the time (except for sparkling wine, naturally).”


Grab Your Own Stoppers




VINUM MEUM set for wine lovers contain premium bottle stoppers which are carefully designed solely on the basis of quality to have no impact on flavour or produce no aftertaste or odor like other cheap synthetic tops produce by the majority of wine accessory companies.


At VINUM MEUM we believe it’s your right to know exactly what you’re using in your household and what it is made of. Wine Bottle Stoppers are in direct contact with your favourite beverage and therefore are made with high quality FDA approved materials.


If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with your Wine Bottle Stoppers, you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund. We also provide actionable tips on our blog and support for you to maximize your performance with our premium products.

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